Never give up

Love this quote because its so true, no matter how bad we feel when waking up and how much we don’t want to face work we must always show up, put a smile on and get along with our day. There are often mornings I wake up and feel down or tired and like I want to stay in bed but once im up, put a bit of makeup on and get in to work with my fabulous colleagues and then out to see my patients I always perk up and realise that I am lucky to be in the position I am. I have an amazing job, amazing family and friends, I am independent and get to go on lovely holidays, have a nice car etc and this is all because I worked hard and didn’t give up. So I urge you all to keep smiling, keep givin your all and never ever give up because even if things seem bad they always work out in the end and things don’t stay bad for very long.

Stay fabulous 



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