Time to pack, we are on the move 

So as some of you may know i will soon be moving out of my family home and into a new house with two of my best friends. I figured it really is time to start adulting as im turning 27 this year lol. I am still saving up for my very own place but until I have enough behind me I will be living with my friends who have bought a house and I will rent from them. So we will soon be getting the keys and be able to go in and decorate and put our stamp on the place. I am fairly organised in that I have bought my paints for my room and know exaxtly the colour scheme and look I am going for- thanks pinterest. I have started collecting cardboard boxes in anticipation of starting to pack up my belongings ready for the move. 

In terms of packing I don’t really know where to start, i guess with the stuff I wont need to use in the next few weeks. I am also fully aware I am going to have to be ruthless and throw out anything I don’t need or use. I don’t have much stuff but I think because I am currently in a small room it makes it look like I have mountains of stuff. I am very excited to start is new chapter in my life, looking forward to having full independance and also being fully responsible and having to make sure my bills are paid on time etc. I hope that I am a good housemate, I like to think that I am tidy, organised, clean up after myself, do not make lots of noise so all those things should make a good housemate right ? 

So does anyone have any pearls of wisdom / tips for me in regards to packing, moving and being a top housemate? Let me know all input would be greatly appreciated lol.

Will keep you updated on my progress over the coming weeks and months.

Stay fabulous 



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