It’s been a while….

Oh my goodness I can’t believe it’s been a month since I last posted. Time is just passing so quickly his year. My grandparents always used to say as you get older time goes quicker and they weren’t wrong. I can’t it’s my birthday in a week. On saturday I am having a 90’s themed party which should be a laugh. We are all dressing up 90’s style too so I can’t wait. I am also going to Disneyland Paris on my birthday which is really exciting, it will be my fourth time going but the previous times were when I was a kid so it will be fun to experiance as an adult. Mickey and Minnie i’m coming for you lol. I will be going wih three of my best friends so it should be alot of fun. I have also booked to go on a relaxing holiday to Gran Canaria in september with another of my best friends, I am very much looking forward to some sun, sea and cocktails.

In other news, me and my friends finally have the keys to our house which is super exciting. There is a bit needed to be done in there first before we properly move in, but hopefully in a month or so we will be getting settled. I have still been gathering boxes to pack I have 4-5 boxes packed already. It is going to be very strange as my bedroom gets emptier. 

Work wise it has been so busy but summer always is, lots of babies are born in the summer due to couples enjoying many a cosy night in during the winter haha. I am going to be training to be an RCM (Royal college of midwives) rep for my trust which willbe good. It will be good to give the midwives in my hospital a voice and help to further improve working conditions as well as bettering patient care. 

I think thats pretty much everything going on with me at the moment, once thhings settle I hope to post more. Hope you are all well. 

Stay fabulous 



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