Disneyland paris a magical trip to remember

So last week I went to Disneyland paris for my birthday week, in fact the day we went was my actual birthday. The trip really was amazing and one I most certainly won’t forget. I have been to disneyland paris twice when I was a kid with my mum and sisters both in winter time and once for a day in sixth form.  This time however, I was very excited as I knew it was going to be a different experiance as an adult. So our journey by eurostar last tuesday was fun and we were all in high spirits especially after a mega weekend of partying. My three friends I went with had even brought me a cake and sung me happy birthday. We arrived at Disneyland in the afternoon, after dropping our bags at the hotel we headed to the park for the first time. We got stuck in with some rides . Later in the evening we went to planet hollywood for my birthday dinner which my friends naughtily wouldn’t let me contribute to, they really did spoil me. As a surprise my friends and the staff sang me Happy Birthday and I got a gygantic sundae see picture below, my friends of course happily helped me out with it. 

The night was lovely. The next day we headed back in the park to do some serious thrill seeking. When i was younger i was really scared of rollercoasters and hadn’t gone on all of the ones at disney, this time I went on all of them woo go me. We loved all the rides and were having a whale of a time. We enjoyed many lovely meals whilst there, all quite expensive but worth it. 

One of the highlights was getting to meet the characters and get pictures with them. I first met minnie mouse who anyone who knows me will tell you I adore. She was so fun and cute and whilst in the queue it was so sweet seeing her interact with the young kids and babies. I also met the man himself mickey mouse and cutie pluto. It was really cool how other characters were  just walking around the park. See my pictures below.

One of the biggest highlights for me were the illuminations which take place on the castle at night. We were all amazed at how incredible it was the projections along with the music and the fireworks made for an breathtaking show to perfectly finish the night. It was on quite late at 11pm but I guess they do it then to ensure that it is dark. If any of you go to disney i can’t recommend the illuminations enough they were truly stunning. There were also lots of shows on the castle stage which were sweet. All in all disney really was so fun and enjoyable and I’m glad that we got to be there to help celebrate the 25th anniversary. I am even considering going back for new year lol.

Stay fabulous 



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