Being honest……

So I haven’t done a post in a while so I thought it was about time to do a new one. I have recently been thinking a lot about the future and what it holds for me. Now I turn 28 in July and whilst I know i’m “still young” I can’t help but feel that time goes so quickly it s running away from me. I have always been very open with my friends and family in telling them that I would love to settle down, get married and have children. I have just come to worry that in this generation I may miss out on this.

Our generation is so disposable with the use of apps such as tinder etc. People just look for quick and easy and it feels like not so many people look for genuine and meaningful relationships. I feel like an Odd ball for actually wanting a serious relationship in a “Friends with benefits” world. Don’t get me wrong I have tried the Friends with benefits situation and let me tell you it did not make me feel good, so I have steered away from that now.

I do feel like i’m being left on the shelf a bit because although I say no one wants a serious relationship the majority of my friends are either engaged or in long term committed relationships and some are even having babies so this does fill me with some faith thatI will also have my time.

In finding it so hard to meet a decent partner it is easy to question yourself but i try not to because I know and I am constantly reassured that I am a nice, caring, hardworking, fun, independent woman. I just really hope I find my match in the next few years as my desire for a baby is increasing by the year specially working on a postnatal ward where I get to cuddle newborns all day.

I have a plan in my had in the scenario that I do not meet anyone and that is to have a baby on my own. That may sound crazy to some people but my desire for a family means that i will go down that route if I have to. It is not the right time now to do it but definitely once i get into my thirties in a few years I think I will be ready.

In the meantime I am going to enjoy my life and have fun making amazing memories with my family and friends. I am enjoying my work, I am going on plenty of holidays and shortly moving out of my family home for the first time which really is exciting, nerve wracking but exciting. I cannot believe how quick this year is going already but maybe just maybe this is my year. Heres hoping anyway.

Have an amazing week everyone.

Stay fabulous



Happy International Women’s Day

Who run the world …. girls

I am lucky to know some of the most fierce, strong, amazing women. I feel so glad that we do now live in a time when we are able to vote, be who we want to be and express ourselves but that is down to strong women who came before us to fight for our rights that we probably take for granted. I am also so proud to be a midwife who helps support and empower new Mums who tend to get a really hard time sometimes. We are all fierce as friends, lovers, sisters, mothers, Nans but we must have belief in ourselves and know our worth.

There is still a way to go in terms of equality, fair pay etc but we are getting there and that’s thanks to strong women standing up and saying no more!! 💗

we are a force to be reckoned with and the world certainly wouldn’t keep turning without us

Let’s continue to stand together, help support each other not tear each other down and keep showing what we are made of. We got this girls.

Below are some lovely quotes that really summed up International Women’s Day this year for me.

Stay fabulous


All you need is love….

Happy Valentines Day everyone

So last year I wrote a post about being single on valentines day and it still remains my most viewed post yet. So I thought a year later I would write another post a year later to express my views and how things have changed.

So this year as like last year I am spending Valentines night at the cinema with three friends seeing the new Fifty shades movie. The difference this year is that had this not been prearranged I would have in fact been on a date, but more on that later.

So 2017, what can I say it was another unlucky in love year. Constantly met with the “Lets be friends with benefits”, “I’m not looking for anything serious” kind of guys. I really don’t personally understand the appeal of casual, game playing, messing around kind of relationships. To me I much prefer to have a partner in crime, someone to share and make amazing memories with, someone to hold you at night. Its a shame that our generation views love and relationships in such a sloppy, disrespectful way.

None of the guys I went out with last year made me feel good, I knew this was not for me. I even had a holiday romance which at the time felt so real and like it was going to continue at home but when we got back the guy gradually just ignored me. This “Ghosting” trend is really horrible, you speak to someone constantly and things are going well then all of a sudden they guy just doesn’t reply and goes silent and gives no explanation. I know a few of my friends have experienced this too, I just don’t get it.

So skip to 2018 and a lot has changed. I learnt a lot about myself in the rollercoaster of 2017, I learnt that it did not feel good to not be treated the way I deserve to be treated. I learnt that I should never try to change who I am or lower my standards. The right person will be out there for me if I stay true to myself. It is a sentiment lots of my friends echoed in discussions. So this year I said to myself I will not settle for anyone that does not treat me with respect and kindness and so far so good. I have actually met someone and whilst it is early days he has been an absolute gentleman and showed me that not all guys are the same and there are some genuine, nice guys out there. I don’t know how things will end up, maybe I have found my happy ever after but if not it has definitely restored my faith and hope in genuine guys.

Happy Valentines day everyone and enjoy with whoever is special in your life whether it be a partner, friends or family. Just make sure they love you for you and do not dull your sparkle.

Love always and Stay fabulous


Goals for 2018

Starting the New Year thinking about all the things I want to achieve this year.

I turn 28 which is crazy to me, time just goes so quickly. In work I am moving from community to hospital based once more and I really hope to continue to learn new skills, deepen my knowledge and progress in my midwifery career.

I need to really get serious about saving and setting up a solid foundation for my future life. I really hope to be able to get my foot on the property ladder, firstly by deciding where it is I want to call my home 🏡

I also want to be alot more health conscience. I say it every year and by the end have slipped off the band wagon, well not this year I need to do better.

I want to continue to build my little business and hopefully hit many more milestones throughout the year. I look forward to meeting and spending more time with amazing, inspiring, motivated, positive people.

Last but not least I want to continue to try and be positive and being the best I can be. It’s difficult at times when there is negativity around or challenges but I hope to keep overcoming them.

With that all being said I’m ready to kick some ass this year. 2018 come at me!!!

Stay fabulous


Happy New Year !!!

So 2017 what can I say it’s been a good year but I know things will get even better in 2018.

I had some amazing times with family and friends, highlights of which were another amazing birthday party, spending my birthday in Disneyland Paris with a few of my besties and having an amazing time in Gran canaria with another of my besties. As well as fun memories at karaoke, various people’s birthday nights out. I have also made multiple new great friends who I look forward to spending more time with in the new year.

Work wise I continued to develop my skills and even had the confidence to go for a team leader role. Alongside that I set up my own online cosmetics and skincare business which I have been doing for 3 months only and have already nearly reached my first milestone. I want to thank those that have supported and continue to support my business, it means the world.

I am so ready for 2018. I feel like this is really going to be a fantastic year for alot of people.

My goals are to do more travelling, continue to save to buy my own house, continue to go more out of my comfort zone and to just keep enjoying life.

Happy New Year everyone have a fab time tonight and wishing you all a fabulous 2018 xxx

Product review : Creamy Hydrating Masque

So today I will be reviewing our creamy hydrating masque. This masque is now one of my favourite ever skincare products. It is meant to nourish, revitalise, soothe and moisturise your face and neck. I can honestly say it did do all those this for me. I used it the night before going to a wedding and it was lush. It goes on so smoothly, is so soft on the skin, doesn’t make your skin feel hot or stingy like some other face masks.

I left it on for the recommended time which is 10 minutes, I rinsed off easily and patted my face dry. After just one use my skin felt super soft, fresh and my skin was lovely and clear. My face looked really radiant and I have even been getting comments on it which is amazing. This is the perfect pamper product to treat your skin to this winter. For such an amazing product it is a really good price too. Definitely recommend it, it has become one of my favs.

If you would like to order this masque please do comment or send me a message. I often do lots of different deals so message me to find out more. Have a great week everyone and remember always Stay Fabulous.


Uniquely me

So saw this quote and absolutely loved it. It is totally true and sometimes we just need to step back and remind ourselves how amazing we are doing. My parents have always taught me that as long as you put your best effort into everything you cannot look at yourself and think you are a failure or put yourself down. We can only try our best and really draw upon our characteristics and strength that make us uniquely us to help us reach our dreams.

In my job as a midwife and with my new beauty business I am surrounded by such strong, resilient and inspirational women. At times we all have to be there for each other and remind each other that we are actually all amazing in our own ways. It is so easy to look at the negatives but if we spent more time on the positives we would find that actually we are pretty damn great.

Anyway hope you are all having a fab weekend

Remember always Stay Fabulous