Product review : Epoch Sole Solution 

Afternoon everyone. Today I will be reviewing Our Sole solution foot product which I have been using for around a week now. My feet are prone to dryness especially during the summer when I am constantly wearing flip flops. I have tried many foot creams and even try the cream and cotton socks overnight trick, however nothing has ever fully healed and softened my feet. I tried this product as I has seen other people’s pictures and reviews and thought it seemed promising.
I was really impressed with this product, in just a week I have noticed a massive difference. From dry, cracked feet to now having soft and smooth feet. See below for my before and after pictures, they speak for themselves. The product itself is smooth to apply, not sticky like some creams. It has a subtle smell which is quite nice, so overall a really nice product. I highly recommend it. 



If you would like to order then do comment or message me. It is £23 but worth every penny. If you want ecen more of a pamper and treat I can do pedicure beauty boxes. It includes the Sole solution, marine mud mask, liquid body lufra and an essential oil. 

Treat yourself this weekend.

And remember always

Stay Fabulous 


Product Review : Whitening toothpaste

Morning everyone hope younare having a great weekend so far. My product reciew for today is our Whitening toothpaste. I have been using it for about two weeks now and I do love it. Not only is it smooth and has a subtle but not too strong minty taste but it also leaves my teeth feeling fresher, smoother, brighter and whiter than they have been in ages. 

Whilst it has not given me a completely white smile like I would get having it done professionally it has made a noticable diffence see my before and after picture below. It is a bargain price and so worth the money. It is one of our best selling products and now having used it I know why. 

At the moment I am doing an offer where you get a free toothbrush thrown in for the next 5 customers who order the toothpaste.  I will be placing an order tonight so don’t miss out. 

Thank you to all those that have liked my mew beauty page on facebook, twitter and instagram. If you haven’t yet search @stayfabulousbeauty on facebook and instagram and on twitter we are under @stayfabbeauty 

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Stay fabulous 


Product review: Lip Plump Balm

As you will have seen almost two weeks ago I started my own business. I sell a range of cosmetic and skincare products. I bought a few for myself to review and here are my views and results. 

Lip plump Balm 

I had seen and heard amazing reviews about this product, it is a new lip product that has just been released. I have quite thin lips so I always look for ways to give me a plumper look. I have even considered lip fillers in the past, but obviously would like to avoid surgery if I can. I have used another lip plump before but it stings the lips, doesn’t make the lips any smoother and has no colour. This product, however does all of those things- it gives a plumper look, hint of pink colour, makes lips feel soft and smooth. It does give a tingling feeling but its more freshening than painful and does not sting. See below for before and after pictures which were instant. It is a great product and an alternative to lip fillers. Currently I am running an offer where if you buy any cosmetic product you get a free compact mirror, message me to order. 

My business now has a facebook, twitter and instagram. On facebook search for Stay Fabulous Beauty, on instagram it is also @StayFabulousBeauty, on twitter my account is @StayFabBeauty so please give us a follow. If you would like to place an order you can tweet, DM or email me. 


First week in my new business

So it has been one week since I started up my own business in partnership with an incredible skincare and cosmetics brand. The week has absolutely flown by, but it has been a fab start. I started last Wednesday thinking what on earth have I got myself into? Am I going to have time to do this? Is anyone going to buy from me? At the end of the first week I an already looking at how much I have learnt and how much potential I have to make this a success. 

I have networked with others who also businesses and found everyone to be so supportive and encouraging and inspiring. I was motivated before but now I am even more motivated to get out there and really make a success of this. There are some amazing success stories, some of the girls have even managed to quit their full time jobs because their income is so great. I don’t know that I could ever give up midwifery fully but this will make a great extra income and will also help me to build my confidence and networking skills. 

As my previous post showed we have some fabulous products available and if through any of these posts you are interested in ordering anything please feel free to comment, email or follow me on twitter @keeleylou25 and message me. In my first week I have sold 5 products to 4 customers as well as treating myself to a few products too, they are too good to resist. Today also marked the day i recruited my first team member who happens to be one of my best friends which is exciting, it is going to be a fun journey. 

This has really given me a boost and made me enthusiastic and motivated to better myself whilst helping others and also offering high end products. Its a win win situation. 

If this has peaked your interest and you are interested in being your own boss then again message me on any of my social media platforms. If all that has happened in the first week I am so excited to see what the next week, month then year can bring. 

My sign of message has now become my business name, who could have guessed. Have a fab end to the week.

Stay fabulous 


New business venture 

So I know I haven’t posted in a while but I have been very busy. Work has been manic, this is the busiest time of year for midwives- you do the math haha. Also I went on holiday to Gran canaria with one of my best friends and had an amazing time, I may do a separate post anout that. I have also partnered with a great company which has fantastic skincare, anti ageing prodcuts and cosmetics. I have really enjoyed setting up my own beauty business, I now have a facebook page @StayFabulousBeauty so please feel free to head over and have a look at what I have available.

Having social media is such a good platform for a business as you are able to reach a wide market. I was actually scouted for the business on my instagram, I guess being a selfie queen does have its perks. The reason I decided to take on this new venture is that while I obviously work full time as a midwife I do want to be able to earn a little extra money. I also thought it would take me out of my comfort zone a bit and help me to build my sales experiance as well as meet new people. The girls in my team have been so welcoming, lovely and supportive. The buzz in the team is amazing too, everyone encouraging each other. This has really helped me stay motivated and excited to progress and build my little empire.

I am gonna take this chance to promote the kinds of products I am selling. As a girl who loves makeup I was very excited to see the wide range of products available. Available we have tinted moitourisers, foundation, pressed powders, bronzing beads, wide range of eyeshadow colours as separates or as duos, eyelash treatment, curling mascara, eyebrow shaping kit, contouring lipgloss as well as the new lip plump balm which is flying off the shelves.

We also have some great skincare products. We have a fantastic whitening toothpaste, sole solution foot treatment, glacial marine mud mask, polish bar are just a few of the bestsellers.

If you would like to purchase any of these incredible products or find out more information please head to my facebook page @StayFabulousBeauty , find me on twitter  @keeleylou25 or you can drop me an email to

These will make great christmas presents as we approach the festive period.

Hope you have all had a fab weekend

Stay fabulous


The struggles of being good

I don’t mean to be a debbie downer on a bank holiday, but I came across this quote on pinterest and couldn’t help but share it with a little post. I have felt lately that as you get older it becomes harder and harder to maintain a good heart, mind and soul. The people around you play a key role in is, if i didnt have the amazing people that I do around me i do not think i would stay sane lol. The world is full of selfish people who only think about themselves or just make it their lifes mission to hurt others. I always try to see the good in people and help people when they are going through tough times or struggles, but on many occasions these people take advantage of your kindness and throw it back in your face. I often get disappointed by peoples actions and that is my fault in a way because I have expectations of others that I hold for myself which I shouldn’t do. I feel that being good in this world is hard because sometimes you do just have to be a little bit bad to get what you want, which is an emotional challenge, either that or you sit and suffer like I do waiting and working hard until things happen. 

I always try to stay positive about my future and ignore any hate that comes my way because I am a good person and I have been brought up to have good values and I will continue to stay true to myself. Sometimes I get down about myself but then I remember that I am a strong girl who has achieved alot, have a good career and good people around me who reassure me all the time, you know who you are. 

So in a world full of hate and darkness be a star that shines brightly, a ray of sunshine amongst the clouds, a flame in the dark.

Hope you are having a great bank holiday monday 

Stay fabulous 


Disneyland paris a magical trip to remember

So last week I went to Disneyland paris for my birthday week, in fact the day we went was my actual birthday. The trip really was amazing and one I most certainly won’t forget. I have been to disneyland paris twice when I was a kid with my mum and sisters both in winter time and once for a day in sixth form.  This time however, I was very excited as I knew it was going to be a different experiance as an adult. So our journey by eurostar last tuesday was fun and we were all in high spirits especially after a mega weekend of partying. My three friends I went with had even brought me a cake and sung me happy birthday. We arrived at Disneyland in the afternoon, after dropping our bags at the hotel we headed to the park for the first time. We got stuck in with some rides . Later in the evening we went to planet hollywood for my birthday dinner which my friends naughtily wouldn’t let me contribute to, they really did spoil me. As a surprise my friends and the staff sang me Happy Birthday and I got a gygantic sundae see picture below, my friends of course happily helped me out with it. 

The night was lovely. The next day we headed back in the park to do some serious thrill seeking. When i was younger i was really scared of rollercoasters and hadn’t gone on all of the ones at disney, this time I went on all of them woo go me. We loved all the rides and were having a whale of a time. We enjoyed many lovely meals whilst there, all quite expensive but worth it. 

One of the highlights was getting to meet the characters and get pictures with them. I first met minnie mouse who anyone who knows me will tell you I adore. She was so fun and cute and whilst in the queue it was so sweet seeing her interact with the young kids and babies. I also met the man himself mickey mouse and cutie pluto. It was really cool how other characters were  just walking around the park. See my pictures below.

One of the biggest highlights for me were the illuminations which take place on the castle at night. We were all amazed at how incredible it was the projections along with the music and the fireworks made for an breathtaking show to perfectly finish the night. It was on quite late at 11pm but I guess they do it then to ensure that it is dark. If any of you go to disney i can’t recommend the illuminations enough they were truly stunning. There were also lots of shows on the castle stage which were sweet. All in all disney really was so fun and enjoyable and I’m glad that we got to be there to help celebrate the 25th anniversary. I am even considering going back for new year lol.

Stay fabulous